This Was a Dumb Idea

There’s a  good reason that I, historically, don’t make New Year’s resolutions. It never goes well, it always leaves me with a feeling of failure, and now I’ve got several back days of entries to do. I suppose I should have said that I would write an entry for every day of the year, not every day. So that’s 365 things that I will write during this year, and this way I don’t have to be overly concerned about writing something every day.

I finally went back and read the entries of the past and did see that I did talk about traditions (a standing question for at least two posts). The thing that I neglected to mention about traditions that I’ve talked about before is that they are important to me because I know that I’m also creating memories right now. I don’t mean that in a cliche way, I know that the things we do now our children will carry with them forever. I know this because there as a time where my Dad and I had our own tradition. Saturday morning I would wake up and wait for my him to wake up as well. After giving him enough time to gather himself we would hop into the car and get donuts for the family and donut holes for me. We would get back home and I would have my little white bag of donut holes to eat while watching Saturday morning cartoons, providing my Dad with a bit more solace on his Saturday morning.

There are other things that we did as  a family that I’d like to do with my family as well, like “camping.” I put the quotation marks around it because my Dad’s idea of camping was similar to the my wife’s idea of camping, with the use of camper instead of a tent. I’m OK with camping either way, but I don’t own a camper.

Maybe I should make a resolution to go camping this summer with at least Emily. Camping can be real fun, especially in the right area. I love camping around the redwood area. The sheer magnitude of older redwood trees amazes me.

Thanks for dropping in.



Hello again. The date and time of publishing is a lie, but if you are reading this chronologically (why? there’s so much better enterainment to read out there) than you know what’s going on.

During this commute home I’ve been, for whatever reason, insisting on using my iPad to do these entries. I’ve got a cover that also doubles as a keyboard, so it’s not like I’m trying to auto-text this entry (although that may be a fun thing to try to do from the Android phone, without fixing any errors try to swipe-text an entire entry). I don’t know why I’m doing this when I also have a laptop that isn’t much bigger but has a bigger keyboard. It may be the geek in my driving this, I don’t know. I do know that using an online platform to do it isn’t practical, and I should really write them up somewhere else (maybe bust out the Hanxwriter…) instead of having the lag that can sometimes come from using this setup in this manner. It doesn’t help that this thing seems to also be cutting in and out just in this text field, you know… the place I’m trying to do all the typing (first world problems fo’ real).

I do have to appreciate, however, that we live in a world where I can almost replace a computer with just a tablet. That’s probably the reason that I’m insisting on doing the entries this way, this is the stuff that I dreamed about as a kid. A little tablet that I can access all this cool stuff from. It truly is nerd-vana.

Train rides done!


Still a Cry Baby….

Yeah, another day of not feeling well leads me to another day of trying to come up with an original thought to write about when all I did the day before was to sleep while having episodes of Workaholics play un-watched through my medicated eyelids. It was either this day or the next where all I did was sleep until close to 2 PM. Those days are frightening to me because the medicated sleep can just go on so long. I can’t even imagine what people on hard core medications must have to deal with.

In the entry for yesterday I said I was going to go back and see if I did write about the weekend traditions that we have. I didn’t look back yet though because it spawned another memory/thought just now. I’m sitting on this here commuter train at nearly 44 years old and there is a possibility I’ve sat on this very same train when I was countless different ages. I don’t think there has been a decade in my life where I haven’t used BART in some capacity.

This means I could have been on this train when I was 9 years old and riding out to spend the weekend with my Dad. Could you even imagine putting a nine year old on a train for an hour in this day and age? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was bad for my parents to do this. It was a different time, somehow. Kids would walk to the nearest park or store on their own. Parents were OK with sending their children out into the world on a nice summer’s day and only expected them back for lunch and “before the street lights come on.” Sorry, where was I?

So I’ve been on the geography of this train system many different moments in time and space. I’m sure, speaking theoretically with taking the theory of the ever-expanding universe, I’ve never truly been on a train at the same spot at a different place in time, but I’ve ridden this bit of geography quite a lot in my life time. Noticing these types of things are the dangerous thoughts, I have to wonder if they are the mid-life thoughts? “What else could I have done with the entire time I’ve spent on these trains?” I’m going to say right now that those are also the stupid thoughts because  they can’t ever be answered. I’m going to say that those thoughts are also stupid because every trip took me to where I needed to be so I could be at this moment right now.

Moral of the story? Don’t think on the train. It’s better to take a nap. I’ve never looked back on my life and regretted the naps.


Cry Baby…

Yeah, so for more days than I cared for this week I wasn’t having a healthy time. I now have discovered the other folly of trying to have an entry for every day of the year: when things are busy or aren’t going well this is going to become an after-the-fact entry like this one, which is being written as part of my commute on Friday, 1/23.

In trying to look for the silver lining in things I have to say that one good thing about taking the meds that I do when these kind of things happen means that I get a lot of sleep, because if you are taking anything and it tells you it’s the non-drowsy version… they just mean it won’t flat out knock you down. You may stand a suffering, stubborn chance of not sleeping when you take it but, yeah, really you are going to be sleeping sooner rather than later if you can find a comfortable position to be in for longer than two seconds.

The one nice side-effect of dealing with this situation as well is being able to spend more time with my wife and kids.  Just like those little traditions I talked about before (wait, did I talk about that yet or not… this is not a good sign) it is the quiet and simple moments that I’m starting to treasure when I’m smart enough to actually stop and enjoy them.

Anyway, yeah, moving on to see if I did or didn’t write about doing stuff as a family…



Where Does the Day Go?

Sundays are an absolutely mystery to me because I have no idea where exactly the day goes. I feel like the average Sunday starts around 9 AM and after breakfast I blink and it’s 10 PM already.

One thing I don’t mind giving up time for on Sunday morning’s is the watching of the DVR’d SNL. Yes, the writing can be hit or miss on skits but it has now become a tradition with my wife that this happens.  I know I need to spend more time in life noticing the moments that matter, and this joined viewing time with my beautiful bride is one of those moments.

Another thing that happens as a weekend tradition is the driving to the Starbucks drive-thru to get the coffee that is usually consumed while watching the SNL. This trip has become a tradition with my daughter, as we will also load the miniature pincher (Jack) and the miniature dachshund (Lily) in the car as well. I drive a Honda CR-V (2001 because I keep it REAL, son!) and the back seats are typically just folded down so there’s a full area for them to move about the cabin as well as gives them a bridge from one half-open window to the other. Jack absolutely loves this tradition, Lily tolerates it at most.

Stop and notice your own traditions and habits that form that help bond you to the people that are important in your life. Savor them, since each one is unique when it happens.


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